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Blogs to read and blogs that allow you to create your own content.
Blog A free powerful publishing platform with a great name
Blogetery Feature packed with dozens of beautiful themes, and make money from content
Blogger Create your own blog, brought to you by Google
Bloglines Service for searching, subscribing, publishing and sharing.
Digg A user driven social content website 
Engadget All the latest tech toys
Gizmodo Gadgets weblog
MySpace A place for friends
Reddit User-generated news links. Votes promote stories to the front page
Slate Today's Blogs
Slashdot News for Nerds
Webloggin Blogging on Politics, Media and Culture
WordPress Create a free blog with your favorite theme
Techdirt News on issues in the tech sector
Tumblr A micro-blogging website where users can post text, images, videos, and more
Weebly Create a site as unique as you are with a powerful site creator
Xanga Community of online diaries and journals

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