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Use these sites to find the latest sports news and scores.
Active All the sports you do, with local events
Bleacher Report Sports journalists and bloggers covering sports
CBS Features live scoring and news
CricInfo Live scores from almost every cricket match world-wide
ESPN Top rated sports site that provides comprehensive sports coverage
FOX All sports at your fingertips
LiveScore Sports scores from around the world
MLB Major League Baseball official site
NASCAR Find NASCAR news, schedules, standings and drivers
NBA Basketball scores, schedules, and TV listings
NFL Football draft, fantasy football, radio, TV, and tickets
NHL National Hockey League news, features, and standings
PGA Golf players, tournaments, scoring, and stats
Rant Sports Provides news, rumors, viral videos and more for sports fans by sports fans
Rivals Online leader in college sports
Scout College and high school sports
Sports Illustrated Sports news from the Cable News Network (CNN) and Sports Illustrated Magazine
UEFA European football information
USTA United States Tennis Association official site
Yahoo Scoreboard quick links, fantasy sports

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